This will be my last post on this blog for several years as I am closing my Feng Shui business and moving to China. I am excited to be starting this journey! I will be working on translating the I-Ching, the ancient text which is the foundation of Feng Shui, to study the concepts more in-depth. I’ll also get back to my roots and explore the world of filmmaking in China. Visit me if you can:)



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Zarya Rowland Bintz

This business is currently closed.

5 thoughts on “China

  1. OMG – You must be having some kind of big transit dear Zarya! How exciting!!! Know that you go with all good wishes and I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventure as it unfolds.

    Best always, Linda

    Linda Kubota Byrd Celebrate today as it is – Create tomorrow as you want it to be.


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  2. Wow!! This sounds exciting!! But I will miss you especially come February when things change!!

    I would love to stay in touch and hear about your new journey!

    Thx for sharing this post!!


    Jennifer Rice Implementing Comprehensive Wellness Solutions for Health Professionals 206-310-7271

    Live, Love, Laugh, Serve


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