Metaphysical Jewelry

Wearing natural rock and metal jewelry on your body is a great way to achieve results in areas that may be difficult such as depression and addiction. Many stones offer healing and empowerment in a gentle non-intrusive way when they are worn within your aura/etheric body.  I use The Book Of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian as my reference when putting together these pieces of metaphysical jewelry. Wearing elements on your body is really a form of alchemy and I highly recommend trying it. I make no promises or guarantees but I do think you will enjoy wearing the jewelry in this collection. Each piece is hand crafted by me with love and respect. If you have a specific problem that you would like to address through alchemy let me know and I can make a piece tailored for your specific needs. Please see the examples below and check out the current offerings in the Etsy shop.