March 11th-April 10th 2013

Last month was rough with the Annual 5 and Monthly 2 both in the center of every building. The 5 will stay there until next February but the 2 will move so we should be past the worst of it.  Keep your Metal remedies in the center to keep that Annual 5 in check and keep the Fire/Red out of the center.  

The Monthly 2 is moving to the NW so remove the FIRE/RED from there and add METAL.  This is most important if you sleep or work in this area.  Sometimes we have Fire where we can’t remove it such as in a kitchen where much cooking is done and in these areas we can add a little Earth(in the form of rocks) along with the Metal as Earth reduces Fire.  We don’t want to add too much Earth as this is what we are trying to drain/remedy with the Metal.

The Monthly 5 is moving to the SOUTH so remove FIRE/RED and add METAL.  

The five elements we use in “Five Element Theory” are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, & Wood(live plants).  The reason these are used as “elements” is because they are all alive. (for some good reading on the subject of feelings in metal & plants try “The Secret Life of Plants” by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird ) The qi we are trying to enhance or reduce is also alive and responds directly to these living “elements”.  We as animals are also alive and also interact with the qi and depending on your year of birth and gender are assigned an “element” that tells us how we will affect or be affected by the different types of qi which are also determined by year and gender ie yin/yang. It is a complex but interesting science. Please let me know if you have questions.

These remedies are general and temporary. For a complete analysis of your home’s permanent qi pattern please consult an American Feng Shui Institute certified practitioner.