Feng Shui Elements-March 30 to April 28 2014

Last month you may have noticed more arm and neck pain than usual because the annual and monthly center stars (Qi) are in conflict. You can expect more of that this month but it will get progressively better and should clear up by April 28th. If it doesn’t then please consult a certified (AFSI) Feng Shui practitioner to analyze your home or business to find the source of the irritation.
This month Earth 2 flies to the North so place unpainted Metal and a little still Water. A Metal vase with Water is perfect in this area this month. If you are sleeping in this area you may experience back, leg or head pain without these remedies so it is worth the time to find a Metal vase and fill it with Water.
The Monthly Earth 5 flies into the SE section of every building so you will need to add Metal here as well to prevent head, back or leg pain/injury, especially if you sleep in this area.
The Annual Earth 5 is in the NW along with the 7 so this area is extremely dangerous and all Fire/Red should be removed including red lights on electronics and power strips. This combination is known to cause violence to occupants of areas where it occurs so adding a Metal vase of Water here is also helpful. Most important however is to remove all Red/Fire. If your stove is in this area I recommend using an induction hot plate instead. Cover any red lights with electrical tape.
The Annual Earth 2 is in the East so adding Metal and removing fire from this area is also helpful.
These remedies are general. For a complete analysis of your home please consult an AFSI Certified Feng Shui practitioner.
Have a great month!