Preventing Robbery With Feng Shui

In Feng Shui theory there are nine types of Qi that reside in all buildings. Once you grid your building into nine equal squares there will be three major Qi influences in each square that can either be working together or in conflict with each other.  These Qi relationships effect the other living organisms that occupy the same space, namely us and our pets. A good Feng Shui practitioner will look at the Qi pattern of your home or business to see what’s going on in each section of the grid and if the area is highly used/occupied, will determine what remedies (if any) you need to make the space work for you instead of against you.  There are many buildings that are prone to robbery and will have repeated break-ins because they have robbery stars in a highly used area that aren’t being remedied, sometimes this Qi combination is in the center square of the grid and so effects the whole building repeatedly.  Robbery stars in the building can also manifest as someone in the house being a thief of some kind.  Unless the Qi is balanced is will manifest in robbery in some way, shape or form over and over again. Luckily this robbery Qi is pretty easy to remedy with a little Fire in the right spot.  Charms, fancy statues and trinkets won’t alleviate this or any other problem.  Remedies are merely one or more of the five elements, Metal, Water, Wood(live plants), Fire and Earth, so unless a decoration is made of one of these five elements is isn’t going to help. Usually remedies can be found around the house and moved into a location that needs that particular element to balance the area of the grid so there is no reason to buy fancy stautes that purport to keep evil spirits away as they don’t work and can actually do harm if they add red/Fire or Earth to an area that doesn’t need it. Remedies are easy to come by but knowing where to put them is key and why consulting with an experienced Feng Shui practitioner is a good idea if you have been robbed in the past. It could be that the annual or monthly Qi was triggered and caused a relatively isolated robbery event but a quick look at your chart by a professional will tell you if it is likely to happen again and how you can prevent it by placing Fire (I usually recommend a red light in place of actual Fire and it works perfectly) in the right spot/s.  In some cases the area may not be good for adding Fire so Metal is recommended instead. Feng Shui is some of the oldest science we have access to so we may as well use it to make life a little nicer for ourselves and everyone around us.