Rabbits Are Cute

But rabbits are also irritating! We often think of irritation as a bad thing but when we start thinking about creation it becomes apparent quickly that irritation is a necessary component for building. My favorite analogy is the creation of beautiful pearls. Mollusks sometimes suck in sand that irritates so to mitigate they will use calcite from the water to coat the irritant and soothe itself. Over years this creates the lovely pearls we humans love to wear and dragons canonically love to protect. There is a narrative running through the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac and this is one aspect of it. Rabbits create wealth. Wealth can be money, relationships, knowledge, and wisdom. So, when the rabbit creates that pearl of wisdom by irritating you, don’t get too bent out of shape or angry. Take your pearls and wear them proudly.

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Zarya Rowland Bintz

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