April 10th – May 9th 2013

So far 2013 has been a bit sluggish for our household and I’m attributing that to the annual 5 in the center.  We’ve had more leg pain so we are trying to take more care when we exercise as well as pay attention to the colors of our clothing and opt for the more neutral wardrobe items.  We definitely notice more head bumping and leg pain when we are wearing reds and oranges.  It’s important to remember that all buildings have the 5 in center this year so noticing what area of the building you work in is a good idea.  

Other areas that you may want to avoid this month are the North and West as they have the 5 and 2 respectively and can cause more pain in the short term if you spend time there, especially if you are fond of wearing bright red.  Adding METAL to these areas can help alleviate some of the potential problems by balancing the Qi.

Balancing Qi is, in essence, using one life form to distract or neutralize another life form.  The elements used in 5 Element Theory are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood(live plants).  These five “elements” are actually alive and interact with us as well as our environment.  These elements can work together or alone to interact with the Qi in a specific part of a building and either make it better or sometimes worse for us.  For example this month we have an Annual 7 and a Monthly 2 in the West quadrant of every building.  This combination when stimulated with Fire can cause injuries from knives or violent assault/injury. If the permanent Qi pattern of the building happens to have a 9(Fire) in it then this building will be vulnerable to fires this month.  

I focus primarily on the bad things that can happen in this monthly newsletter but of course there are just as many good things that happen as a result of good Qi patterns and all buildings have a mixture of both.  This is why it is important to have your building analyzed by an American Feng Shui Institute certified practitioner.  The feng shui model is thousands of years old and can be quite helpful.  Look around your home and take note of which of the 5 Elements are already in use in your home.  Also notice if the items you move around the most are made from one of the 5 Elements.

We can also use color to balance Qi and I think what this is actually doing is mimicking the element and distracting the Qi with the decoy.  It can work but If Metal is needed then real Metal should be used. Color alone isn’t always enough to create balance. Conversely color can sometimes be enough to create imbalance.  The colors associated with the 5 Elements are as follows.  

Fire=Red/Orange/Bright Pink