Happy Solstice

This time of year has always been important to me because my mother loved it. She was 1/4 German and grew up in South Jersey where German influence is strong. This area was the birthplace of Christmas as we know it in the US. Solstice marks the time when the daylight is at it’s shortest duration. People have been celebrating this time of year for millennia because it means the daylight will begin to get longer again. Solstice celebrations that involve bringing live branches and trees inside the home date back to ancient Egypt and predate Christianity.

Yang Flying Star Feng Shui is an ancient technique of mapping energy (Qi) inside buildings and using Five Element Theory to balance it and make it more hospitable for people living in the buildings. One of the elements used to balance the Qi is wood (also known as wind because trees make the wind). The Qi in buildings has many layers. It has a permanent Qi pattern that is based on when the building was built and its orientation. You can think of this as the building’s personality or astrology chart. It’s based on when and where it was born and doesn’t change. Some buildings have permanent Earth Qi in the center and will always need wood to balance and remedy what could be a very unhealthy household. Every building also has a time based Qi pattern though, that interacts with it’s inherent personality. This time based Qi pattern changes every month and can be tracked so we know where it’s going and where it’s been and how it will affect the occupants of any given building. This data has been collected for thousands of years by Flying Star Feng Shui practitioners.

I bring this up because every November the type of Earth Qi that causes illness, injury, and death in extreme situations, flys into the center of every building in the world. You read that right. Every November we all have earth Qi in the center of our domicile. Since people started living in buildings this has been happening. The Qi pattern in the center of the building affects the entire house and every single occupant. So you might wonder what the remedy for this negative Qi is. The best remedy is living plants. Whether it’s finstinctual or knowledge based adding wood/wind in December to alleviate illness and injury acquired in November by bringing cut trees and branches into a space is effective. This instinct, or knowledge, is the true history of what we now call Christmas…it was Christians that started adding candles to the trees and actually bringing in the exact element that exacerbates the earth Qi and causes massive amounts of suffering throughout the world at this time of year…every year…so celebrate the light returning with live plants in November and December instead of fire and red colored decor in December and have a safe and happy Solstice✨💕✨