Journey To The West

If you haven’t ever read The Monkey King stories or watched the movies I highly recommend any and all of the works created around this concept of “Journey To The West”. The archetypes are beautifully expressive of so much of our personal and collective experience in life. If we want to get the most out of our lives we must journey towards recognition of our selves at a soul level (the West). I think in a few years we will have a better collective vocabulary to talk about our journeys in a more concrete everyday sort of way. If you are interested in expanding your vocabulary and recognizing your own journey to the West you can watch this video from professional Intuitive Robert Ohotto . I’ve found it extremely helpful in my own life to have words for what I’m experiencing in my journey and it’s even more helpful if the words and concepts are collectively understood. This is the essence of The Journey To The West. Some might call it enlightenment, but that word is a bit ethereal for what is in fact a very real and physical journey that our bodies take to reach the West. If we acknowledge that we are all on the same journey we have a base for communication that empowers all of the life on our planet in a kind and loving way.