Year Of The Water Tiger

Happy new year! The last two years have been rough for most of us in strange and new ways. If someone had asked me to predict in 2018 where we’d be in 2022 I would have been wildly wrong. I’m still learning what Feng Shui can and can’t predict and I am wiser for these past years if nothing else.

This year is the year of the Water Tiger. Which is in itself fairly innocuous. Based on this alone I might predict a mild but surprising year. A Tiger in the water is always a bit surprising and if you’ve seen that viral video of the Tiger sneaking up on an alligator it’s not always safe for the unaware. It is a year for surprise attacks and unexpected victories.

Taking the flying star chart into consideration, however, I have to add in extra caution. The center of every building this year will have what I call “bad qi” that is triggered and enhanced with Fire, lights, and red colored items items. If you have any control of the center of your building I recommend removing or covering anything that might be considered fire. Add live plants to the center of the building. If they die replace them immediately. Keep them low to the ground as this type of qi is heavy. You will notice it being activiated in small ways before any major problems so pay attention to toe stubs, head bumping and general illness. If these clues happen add more plants! Small pets and children are usually the first to experience problems but some adults are also very sensitive. If you don’t have access to the center I recommend adding live plants to the areas you occupy and watch for the small clues. If you get itchy or skin rash then move the plants to a different area as that is the sign of too much wood. Every building in the world will experience the bad qi in the center though so you really can’t overdo the plants in that area of any given building. It’s also not going to be a great year for money, sadly. I wish I had better news for you! Next year, 2023, will be better for health so stay healthy and safe this year. We can get through this as a global community if we care about each other. LOVE