Hungry Ghosts

August is the seventh month of the Chinese calendar and in many parts of the world is known as the Hungry Ghost month. A time when the gates of the after life are open and spirits wander the earth wreaking havoc and creating mayhem. There are many schools of feng shui, just as there are many schools of medicine, and some of the less research based schools believe in these hungry ghosts and will sell you charms to ward them off and prevent calamity. Flying Star feng shui does not purport to address these ghosts but instead focuses on qi and how it interacts with the occupants of land and buildings. These hungry ghosts arriving in August is not a coincidence, however, as it is a month that always has Earth qi in the center of every building in the world. This means that incidents of accident, violence, illness and death will naturally increase during the month of August, every year, like clockwork. The remedy I’ve found most useful in my practice for draining the over abundant Earth (aka rock, stone, ceramic, glass) qi is Wood (aka live plants, green colored items). Placing a live plant in the Center of your building in August may not keep you completely safe and healthy as there are nine sections of any given building and the ones you spend the most time in will affect you the most, but it will help, despite how many hungry ghosts you have wandering around your place.