Elements For July 8th – August 6th

This month we get a little reprieve from the general mayhem, thank goodness. Remember that the elements I prescribe here apply to every building on Earth so these are literally general remedies. I can’t, in good conscience, recommend any elements other than Metal as an area that generally needs fire to avoid robbery could be an area in your home in which adding red/fire would cause harm or injury to the occupants. So this month you can ADD Metal and REMOVE Red/Fire from the SE and the N. These areas aren’t as bad as we’ve been experiencing lately so this month should be a little quieter but there will be an upswing on robbery and theft as the E has the 3/4 double Wood combo so add some Metal to the E as well. It’s a bit of a harsher remedy than Red/Fire but it should keep the robberies in check. The CENTER still needs Metal to keep that annual 5 in check so leave that there.
Again these element recommendations are general. For a complete analysis of the Qi in your home or business please consult an American Feng Shui Institute certified practitioner.


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