Elements for November 3rd – December 2nd

This month the Earth 5 flies into the NE quadrant of every building where the annual Earth 8 is residing this year. The Earth 8 is a very good number as we are currently in period 8 and so 8 imparts wealth and abundance to people who occupy the area it resides in but the Earth 5 is not good unless we are in period 5 so it will be a very long time before the 5 is anything but bad. 5 seems to take on the characteristics of whatever Qi combination is also in the area at the time and magnify it. This could be bad if you have a permanent 7 or 2 in the NE this month so my general recommendation is to remove the red and fire element from the NE area. If you sleep in this area you may want to add Metal or live plants(Wood) if you experience pain in your legs, back or are bumping your head or, in the case that you have a Metal 7 there, you may experience cuts or other bleeding injuries. It is best to monitor how you feel as any pain or injury is a sign of a Qi imbalance and can usually be remedied to prevent further problem. In worst case scenarios you may need to change your bedroom for the month. If you are experiencing chronic pain or other problem please consult with an AFSI certified feng shui practitioner to find a solution to the problem.
The monthly Earth 2 flies into the Center of every building where the annual 5 resides this year so the Center is once again not such a great place to hang out and red/Fire should be avoided in this area. Metal or healthy green plants(Wood) can be added to the Center to drain some of the Earth element away.
As always these are very general recommendations. For a complete analysis of your home or business please consult an American Feng Shui Institute certified practitioner.
Have a great month!


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