Holiday Problems-From A Feng Shui Perspective

The winter holidays surrounding the solstice and our northern celebration of more daylight in the weeks ahead are perfect for getting together with loved ones. Sadly this time of year brings more accidents and injuries than usual due to the fact that every building in the world has a Qi pattern. This Qi can affect us positively or negatively depending on how we stimulate it with the five elements of Water, Metal, Earth, Fire, and Wood(live plants). Our various celebrations of light at this time of year bring more fire into our homes than usual in the form of electric lights, candles, red colored accoutrements and clothing, etc…. This stimulation in the right place is fine and can even be helpful for preventing robberies and mental health issues but these same fiery decorations in the wrong places can cause serious injury, accidents, violence, and general illness. This month the worst place for Fire is in the East section of every building in the world. This is general and every building will have other places that do not need Fire but the East is especially bad for head injury, back injury or pain, leg injury or pain or general ill health. Red or Fire in the East this holiday season will effect you most severely if you sleep or spend long periods of time there. Electronic devices are also Fire elements when they are being used as they emit light. Keep yourself and your family safe for the holidays and remove Fire from the East and try to avoid the area altogether if possible. Add some unpainted Metal to the East section of your home if you must spend time there. Uncoated shiny pots and pans are very good to use for this! I hope you all have a safe and merry holiday season as we celebrate the light!


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