Happy New Year 2016: Fire Monkey

This year will take some effort to prevent the negative effects of the Fire Monkey.  The CENTER of every building will be very sensitive to Fire and so great care should be taken to remove any and all Red colored items from the center.  This means painting over red walls if need be with white paint and removing any artwork that is colorful in a fiery way. The Center of a building affects everyone who occupies it and Fire in the Center this year will stimulate injuries, pain, assault and general illness.  The last time we had a similar Center in all buildings was 2013 and if you go back and think about what happened in 2013 I’m sure you’ll remember it and you can expect something similar this year, especially if you are living and working in the same places that you were in 2013. The difference is that this year the NORTHEAST is also bad in every building for the duration of the year.  No Fire in the NorthEast either if you can at all do something about it. Things that are Fire element to avoid in the Center and NorthEast are Red/Orange/Hot Pink colored items, electronic devices that have red lights or colorful screens such as Tv’s, devices, chargers, fireplaces, power strips, etc…If your TV is in the Center or NorthEast and you can’t move it then turn it to black and white for the duration of the year and cover red power lights with electrical tape. Additionally add METAL to help drain the negative Qi that resides in the Center and NorthEast this year until February 2017.  With these precautions you can improve your chances of weathering the year without too much pain and suffering.  If you want to increase your chances of having a good year then please use this website to schedule a Feng Shui Consultation for your home or business.  A complete analysis of a building’s individual Qi pattern will tell us exactly where other remedies need to be so that the balance can be maintained throughout the coming year.  I hope you have a safe and prosperous year of the Fire Monkey, watch out he’s a trickster!

Artwork by Chiho Aoshima

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Zarya Rowland Bintz

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