Remedies for November 8th-December 7 2012

This month, beginning November 8th, earthy 5 flies into the center of your home so remove all red and fire including red lights such as you find on power strips and charging electronics.  If you normally need the fire/red in the center of your home you can replace it with metal (pots, pans, decorative metal items)  until the end of the month.

Earthy 2 flies into the SW section of your building so again remove all the red and replace with metal if you need the red there.

The annual 2 is in the N this year until February 5, 2013 so no red there. The annual 5 is in the SE so no red, fire or red lights in that section.

If you have the monthly 2 or 5 in the  N or SE where you already have the permanent 2 or 5 then you’ll have to take extra care to remove all red/fire from these areas and add plenty of metal and green, leafy, healthy, live plants, especially if you sleep or spend a lot of time in these areas.  I personally move my bed to a different room if the 2/5, 2/2, or 5/5 combination lands where I sleep.  Time spent in these areas, if not remedied, can cause head injury or leg injury.

These remedies are monthly and will need to be changed December 7th 2012.

This information is useful to people who want balanced Qi in their home or business but a full analysis of the Qi pattern in your home or business is recommended for complete accuracy.

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