December 8, 2012 – January 6, 2013

I’m still getting used to this blogging stuff and it seems that my last newsletter never posted properly even though I was able to share it so in case you missed this here it is again, sigh…I’ll have a new newsletter up on the 5th of January.  Thanks everyone for your patience!


This month earthy 5 leaves the center and moves to the NW sector of your home.  If you haven’t figured out where your grid lines are yet then take a few minutes and, using a tape measure inside your home, measure from outside wall to outside wall across and deep. After you get a length and width divide those by thirds to establish your grid into 9 equal sections. The grid lines are important so you might want to mark with tape where they are until you get used to thinking in terms of your grid floor plan.  Sleeping on these lines or spending too much time at the cross sections of the lines can, over time, drain you of energy or cause physical problems where the line crosses your body.  The lines themselves are not harmful but the types of Qi and the dynamic they create are different on either side.  Spending time with one part of your body in one energy pattern and the other half in a different energy pattern creates a bridge(your body) where the Qi meets and in essence over stimulates your system.  Effects of this can range from being tired/rundown all the time to a noticeable ailment in the area of your body where the line crosses.  Knowing where your lines are is very important and if you find that your bed falls on a line you can move it so that your bed is only in one section of your grid floor plan.  This small move can work wonders in terms of helping you sleep better and feel more energetic.

So, to get back to the monthly Qi…The 5 in the NW means no red or fire in that section as it will stimulate in a negative way and can cause head injuries in children or leg injuries in adults.  We’ve got an annual 7 in the NW as well and the 5-7 combination has been known to cause assault so add some METAL to this area to prevent harm and again NO FIRE/RED.  If your Christmas tree or Chanukkah candles are in this location then move them to a different part of your grid floor plan.  Safe places for fire are different for every home as it is a matter of how your permanent Qi, which is based on the year it was constructed and it’s orientation, interacts with the annual and monthly Qi.  But the NW section is not a good place for fire this month in any house or building.

Other sections that are NOT GOOD for holiday lights in terms of annual or monthly Qi are N, E and SE. These sections need metal to cancel out the negative effects of the earthy Qi there and NO FIRE/RED.

If you moved your fire/red remedies from the center of your home last month you can put them back and remove any metal you may have moved there to take the place of the fire.

If you want to determine your permanent Qi pattern please consult me or another AFSI certified feng shui practitioner for a complete analysis of your home’s Flying Star pattern.

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