Annual Remediies 2013+ Monthly Remedies February 10th-March 11th 2013

ANNUAL-These remedies should be left in place through February 5th 2014

Happy New Year! We are changing things around at my house to try to make the most of the good spots and lessen the impact of the bad ones.  I’d say the biggest changes this year need to be made in the very CENTER of the house.  This year the annual 5 flies into the center of every building in the world and depending on what type of house you have you will feel this change either subtly or strongly.  The easy way to make sure you lessen that 5’s impact is to remove all the red items and fire from the center of your building.  You also want to add metal to the center to help drain the earthy 5.  If you make those two changes you will help yourself and those you live with considerably.  In my experience qi tends to sink so the metal items you place for remedies should be no higher than the tallest person in your home and preferably add one or two items per person at the height or their knees.  This will make sure the remedy is able to be effective.  Metal items should be unpainted/unfinished shiny steel, copper, etc…or cast iron. Pots, pans, golf clubs, furniture, decorative items all will work nicely.

The other area you might want to add metal for the year is to the SW as the annual 2 will be there causing problems.  Again, remove Fire and place metal items in this area.  It is especially important to do these two things if you sleep in the area.  You can also add some live, healthy, leafy plants in plastic pots to soften the effect of the metal if you sleep there. You’ll know you are sensitive to metal remedies if you develop tooth problems.

MONTHLY-These remedies will need to be changed on March 6th 2013

The NE will have the monthly 5 so remove the red here and add metal.

In my house we treat the annual change over as a time to move things around and do an early spring cleaning.  It feels really good to get the dust bunnies out from under the beds and maybe even sleep in a different room for a while.  I hope these remedies help you have a safe and healthy year! Remember though that these remedies are general and temporary. For a full analysis of your home or business please consult with an American Feng Shui Institute certified practitioner.  I’m happy to answer any questions you have, please feel free to post them.

Have a great month!

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