January 11th – February 10th 2013

The 5 and 7 flying stars in the NW corner combined with all the red holiday decor and lights made for quite a bit of violence around the country last month.  My heart goes out to all the families that are still suffering through the loss. Unfortunately, I think that is really just a foreshadow of what is to come after the Chinese New Year.  I’ll go into what’s to come in my next newsletter.  This month however we get a bit of a break.

The SE area of every home or building will need Metal and Wood(live plants) to neutralize the Annual 5 and the Monthly 2. If you happen to sleep in the SE area or spend a large amount of time there for business you might consider relocating to another area for this month.  If you must sleep/work in the area you will need to take extra care in REMOVING all RED items or items that could be considered Fire element such as the red lights found on power strips etc, along with adding the Metal and Wood elements. The 2-5 combination is known to cause head or leg injury in the short term but can cause things like cancer in the long term. You will notice the effects of this area fairly quickly if left without remedying with things such as banging knees in adults or bumping heads in children.

Other areas that you’ll find removing the fire element from to be helpful are the N and W.  Other sources of irritation could be red clothing if you are walking through these areas often.  Qi tends to cling to people as they pass through.  Red toys can also cause problems as they tend to get spread out into the house.

Please remember that these remedies are MONTHLY and GENERAL.  For a complete analysis of your own home or business please consult an experienced American Feng Shui Institute certified practitioner.

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