Remedies for May 9th-June 8th 2013

This month the 5 flies into the SW section of every building and joins the Annual 2 which means if you sleep or spend a lot of time in this area you will notice head bumping or pain in your legs/lower body if you don’t have remedies in place.  Add METAL and WOOD(live plants) to the SW to lessen the effects of the 2/5 combo.  This combination is all Earth and known to be the cause of many short term and long term problems.  Try to avoid this area if possible and definitely add METAL if you must be in the area.  

You should still have your Annual remedies in place with METAL in the CENTER.  Pain is an excellent significator that there is an imbalance in the Qi in your home (or office if you spend a lot of time in one area there).  If you are experiencing pain, mental suffering, accidents, lawsuits, marriage problems or any other problem then please consult an American Feng Shui Institute Certified Practitioner for an analysis of your home.  Any problems can be addressed with Feng Shui and either prevented or repaired with Five Element Theory.  

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