Remedies for June 7 -July 7

This month the METAL 7 flies into the CENTER and will interact with our annual EARTH 5 in an unpleasant way if not remedied with lots of unpainted METAL in the center. The 5/7 combo can cause assault if it is stimulated with FIRE so make sure the red firey stuff is kept out if the center and add more METAL to be safe.
The monthly 5 flies into the EAST where a lot of us have placed Fire to deal with the annual 3 so turn off those red night lights this month and add some METAL to the EAST to drain both the 3 and the 5. The 3/5 combo can cause arguments as well as internal problems if not remedied with METAL.
The monthly 2 flies into the SOUTH where the Annual 9 is so METAL is required there as well. The 2/9 combo is especially harmful to children and can cause long term problems so remove all red and red lights including power strips with lights. Again where METAL is needed there should be NO FIRE or red.
These are just a few of the generic remedies that apply to all buildings in the world. Every building also has a permanent Qi pattern that will interact with the annual and monthly Qi so it is important to have an analysis made of your home by an AFSI certified Feng Shui practitioner so you can know how best to remedy or enhance every area.
Please let me know if you have questions and have a great month!


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