Elements for September 5th-October 4th

This month Earth 2 flies into the East. The annual 3 Wood is also here and this combination can cause arguments or legal problems if not remedied so add some unpainted Metal to this area. This is especially important if you work or sleep in this area as the more time you spend in any given area the more of that type of Qi you will absorb. Qi enters your body through the various meridians that we know also as acupuncture points. The different types of Qi will enter at different points in the body. Areas that have Earth Qi such as 2 or 5 will affect lower body parts or the head.
The monthly 5 Earth is in the NW with the annual Metal 6. This combo can cause sinus problems so add unpainted Metal to drain the 5.
These are general remedies that apply to every building in the world. To get a complete map of the Qi pattern in your home or business please consult an American Feng Shui Institute certified practitioner. There are many schools and books of Feng Shui but mostly they are inaccurate and the advice is bad and can lead to very bad Feng Shui. For your safety please only consult with practitioners certified by the American Feng Shui Institute.


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