Elements for Oct 4-Nov 3


This month the Earth 5 flies into the West quadrant of every building and makes this a particularly dangerous spot to have the Fire element or the color red as the annual Metal 7 is also there. The 5/7 combination is known to bring violence and bloodshed to people and animals who spend a lot of time in this area. This is especially true if there is a Fire element such as cook stove or fire place in use. If you must spend time in this area of any building then you should not wear reds or other firey colors. Instead wear greens or white or silver. You can add live plants and metal items to the area to lessen the effect but most important is to remove all fire. This could include a computer or phone when in use or a small red light such as that which is on electronics when charging. One of the most violent months we’ve had recently was December 2012 when this combination was in the NW quadrant of every building. Red and festive lights were everywhere for the holidays and the consequences were dire. Newtown, CT is just one example of what the 5/7 can bring when stimulated with fire.
Earth 2 flies into the SE so add a little Metal there as well to balance it out. This area, generally speaking, is not nearly as bad as the West this month. As always these are general recommendations that apply to every building in the world. If you want to know what your specific building is like you will need to consult an American Feng Shui Institute certified practitioner. I highly recommend doing this. There is a learning curve to having good feng shui in your home or office and the sooner you get professional advice the sooner you will begin to feel better.

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