Elements for January 1st 2014-January 30th

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday of the solstice! As we celebrate light during the darkest days of the year this video clip is particularly interesting. The cycle of the sun’s changing polarity coincides with the 20 year cycles we use in feng shui to map the Qi patterns on Earth. Modern science is finally starting to catch up to the most ancient science of feng shui! This is a sign of hope as feng shui can be used to correct imbalance and create harmony if people use it properly.
This month is the last month of this year as the Chinese New Year is January 30th 2014. The West section of every building has the monthly 2 so remove all RED and FIRE from this area to avoid cuts, assault, and injuries to the mouth. This area is where we cook in our house so we do all our cutting elsewhere and have a portable induction cooktop that we put in an area that needs or can take fire in the area. The less time you spend in the West this month the better off you’ll be.
The other particularly problematic area of every building is the North as the monthly 5 is there. No Fire or Red color here to avoid injury from poison and if you can avoid prolonged exposure to this area then by all means do so.
The Center and SW should be free of Fire and Red until January 30th when the annual Qi will move to new locations. The Center will be much nicer for most buildings next year! I hope you have a safe and happy month!



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