Year of the Horse

Happy New Year! I hope your year has started off well. I’ve been busy around the house putting my remedies in place to get a jump on the new year. The CENTER this year has the Wood 4 which is much nicer than last year’s Earth 5 but can still cause arm and hand problems if it isn’t balanced so if you experience problems in that area call in an AFSI certified feng shui consultant to help you figure out the right combination of elements to get the most out of the creative 4 this year. It’s much better to have it working for you with creativity and fame than to have injuries to your upper limbs. But at least the 5 is gone from the Center so, in general, head, leg and back injuries should be less this year. The Annual 5 does move into the NW now so that area will need some Metal to help alleviate the negative affects, especially if you sleep or work in that area of your home or business. The Annual Earth 2 is also a trouble maker and it will be in the East all year so add some Metal there as well. Remember that areas that have the 2 or 5 in them should be free of all Fire and Red lights as this will increase the chances of head, leg or back injuries and general illness if you sleep or work in an area occupied by the Annual or Monthly 2 or 5.
The Monthly 5 is in the SW so add Metal and Remove Fire there as well as in the NE where the Monthly 2 is.
So to sum up:
Remove Fire from the NW and E for the Entire Year and Add Metal
Remove Fire from the SW and NE for the Month and Add Metal
This year should be healthier in general with the 4 in the center of every building. I hope yours is prosperous and happy. If you would like to set up a feng shui consultation please fill out the form on this site. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have as well. The information I provide here is general. Every building is unique and requires a full analysis to determine the best remedies.


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