Feng Shui Elements- May 28 to June 27 2014


This month the Annual Qi and the Monthly Qi are the same as the Monthly 5 leaves the center (thank goodness) and flies to the NW where the Annual 5 resides this year. Earthy 5 is only good when we are in Period 5 so it it usually a bad influence. We are currently in Period 8 so the 5 type of Qi will not be good for quite some time as each Period lasts 20 years and there are 9 periods in all adding up to 180 years to cycle through all the periods. So with both the Annual 5 and the Monthly 5 in the NW this month this area can be quite bad for anyone spending more than a few minutes here. This is a general bad area this month but depending on what the permanent Qi is in this area (based on the orientation and date of construction of the building) this area can be downright dangerous this month. For instance if a building has a permanent 7 in this area then any red color or Fire in this area can trigger injuries by metal to the occupants. I recommend avoiding this area altogether. You can add Metal to drain the Earth or in some cases adding plants (aka Wood) is a good remedy, but without knowing your house’s Qi pattern specifically it is impossible to suggest the perfect remedy so I can only safely suggest that you remove all Fire and red colored items to avoid inflaming (feeding) the 5.
You can see an example of a house grid in the picture above. The Qi pattern is unique to each building and cannot be remedied with charms as some of the more famous Feng Shui consultants would have you believe. Legitimate Feng Shui practitioners do not sell charms or crystals. A true crystal would be considered an item of Earth element and only used in specific locations. If one places Earth items in the wrong spots they can and do cause problems, as will items of Metal, Water, Fire, and Wood(live plants).
Earth 2 is in the East as both the Annual and Monthly Qi this month and again 2 is only good during its own period so remove all red and Fire from this area or avoid the area altogether.
These recommendations are general and apply to all buildings in the world. Please consult me or another AFSI certified Feng Shui practitioner for a complete analysis of your home or business.
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