Feng Shui Elements: June 27-July 26 2014

Welcome, to all my new subscribers! I hope you find the information I post here useful and please let me know if there is a specific question I can answer for you. This month the Qi pattern is very similar to last month so only a couple of changes are needed to smooth out the energy. Qi is alive and moves in very precise square patterns, much like you’ll see flies doing in the center of a room. Have you noticed that the flies will make right angle turns and fly in squares? Humans also tend to move in grid patterns as most cities are based on blocks and squares. Qi is no different and the science of Feng Shui was created to study the patterns of Qi specifically because Qi can, and does, effect our daily lives in both positive and negative ways by entering our bodies at precise points. These points are the same meridians used in acupuncture and Shiatsu. Knowing what type of energy (Qi) combinations are in your home or office is a very powerful preventative to adversity. This month the SE part of every building needs Metal to prevent discord and law suits. The SW needs Water to prevent eye and heart problems, as well as, general anger. The W needs Metal to prevent head related injuries and migraines. Adding these elements helps distract the Qi away from the human occupants of these spaces. Qi tends to stay close to the ground so children and pets are usually the first to experience the effects of a negative Qi combination. These remedies are general and apply to every building in the world but your home or office has a unique Qi pattern and in order to get the most from Feng Shui it is essential to consult with an AFSI certified Feng Shui practitioner. Please let me know if you would like to arrange for a complete analysis of your home or business. Have a great month!

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