Feng Shui Elements: The problem with the “tiny house” trend

Tiny homes are everywhere these days and touted as the perfect environmentally safe way to live but from a feng shui perspective they are not perfect nor safe. The problem with the tiny home is that the footprint (or foundation) is so small that a person can not lie stretched out without having one or more of the geomagnetic (aka qi) lines running through or across their body. These lines actually divide the different types of qi in the building. Think about how flies will fly around in square pattern, this is how qi travels too. But when a body is spending eight hours sleeping across a line the different Qi types will meet at the body part on the line and over stimulate it, sometimes to the point of injury or cancer at these points. Sleeping on these grid lines will cause poor sleep in general and in my practice I’ve seen multiple examples of relationships suffering because one of the partners is more affected and can’t sleep in the bed. When we look at the geomagnetic grid lines that are inherent in every building with a foundation we see nine equal squares that fit into the footprint of the building. (See example below) If a building is less than 15ft long on any side then a grid line will cross the body of most adults when they lie down. This creates an unhealthy living environment and is not sustainable for very long without seeing the adverse effects manifesting. So, while a small footprint may cost less to heat or use less space it isn’t ultimately good for the inhabitants and creates unhappy sick people so shouldn’t be considered good for the environment. In my practice when consulting on new home design I recommend at least 24 feet across on each side of the building to allow for a bed to be placed without a grid line running through it. This rule applies to additions as well for the same reasons. It’s most unfortunate to walk into a home with a very expensive addition intended as a master bedroom only to have to explain to the occupants that the room cannot be used as such without causing serious damage to the individuals because it is too small.


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