The Nature Of Ghosts

When the weather is damp and warming the flowers and trees are at their peak strength. We sometimes, in our culture, forget that the world around us is alive, just as we are. The trees around our homes are alive and feeling entities. The older and more established a tree or shrub is the stronger it can be. If we abuse our neighbors they will not like us very much and you can assume that if you are doing heavy pruning or have loud metallic windchimes that your trees are feeling abused.  When trees feel hurt and they are in their strong period they can retaliate or at least try to let you know they are hurting.  This is what’s happening if you have “ghosts” in your home. The trees are letting you know they are unhappy about something. You can listen and try to fix the problem for them if it’s something simple like a noisy metallic windchime. If the problem is that you have over-pruned then you are going to have to apologize to them. You can do this just by thinking it or you can say it out loud to the specific tree or shrub in question.  You may have to reassure it repeatedly if your “ghost” problem persists as a damaged tree is going to feel the pain of the damage for a while. Trees will also notice if you take out or remove another specimen as they live a communal life and you are (whether you know it or like it) a part of their community. If your trees are bothered to the point of entering your home then you must apologize to the injured party and reassure them that you love them and you will try not to hurt them again.  If you absolutely need to remove a tree or shrub do it quickly and apologize to the plant you are removing as well as to the surrounding community of plants. They will appreciate your acknowledgement and, while they still might be upset, they will forgive you.  You can always consult with me if you are having issues with “ghosts” or any other problem. Feng shui is good for balancing the home or business so that you can get what you need and want from life. I hope you have a great and happy spring!

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