2017: Enjoy The Wealth

With the qi shift, this month of December, comes our last opportunity to increase our wealth in the current lunar new year. December and January are both going to be excellent for making money but I suggest using some restraint (hopefully yours is better than mine) as beginning February 5th 2018 the wealth opportunities will dry up and for most of us they will stay dried up for the entire year, probably into 2019 as well. 2018 is going to be hot, flaming and dry. It will, however, be a great time to think about what seeds we’ll plant in the scorched areas to create the new things and future we want for ourselves. This isn’t an unusual situation, the last time we had this fire qi in the center of every building in the world for the entire year it was 2009. I know my tone is a bit *doom and gloom* but I’d rather you be pleasantly surprised by the good things 2018 will bring than anything else. I hope your holiday season is safe and filled with love. If you would like to know the Feng Shui elements that your home needs to be balanced please schedule an appointment. I don’t turn anyone away for lack of funds so feel free to ask.

Happy Holidays!


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