August 2017 Feng Shui Forecast

This month, starting on the 8th, a harmful earth qi moves to the center of every building in the world. This qi will be in the middle of homes as well as commercial buildings. This particular type of qi is known to cause leg/lower back injury, head injury, and general illness but depending on what other types of qi are in the center with it it can also be the cause of assault. To prevent the qi from being overly aggressive and subdue it you can add a live plant (Wood) to the center of the building. Larger buildings will need more plants to help alleviate the issues that come with this type of qi as the center affects the entire building. Children and pets are usually the first to experience the affects of this type of qi with head bumps, leg injuries or illness. If you would like to find out what other elements (remedies) the center of your home or business needs then you will need to have a trained Flying Star feng shui practitioner do an analysis of the building. The permanent qi pattern of the structure, which is based on the year it was built and how it is oriented, interacts with the annual and monthly qi so each building is different. Subscriptions for consultation with me are half price through December so now is a great time to start learning how to manage your home in a whole new way. Add a plant to your center and I hope you have a great month! Zarya

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