Are You Being Robbed?

If you've ever experienced robbery, either as a victim or a perpetrator, then you know it tends to happen repeatedly. This isn't coincidence, bad luck, or poor social status. This is a direct result of a particular qi combination that you are spending time in either at work or at home. Having a security system or dog will probably keep the burglars out of your home but this qi combination has to express itself in a very specific way. You will be robbed elsewhere or you might start stealing without thinking too much about it. The good news is that this qi combination is one of the easiest things to remedy in a home or business. Sometimes the qi is only this way for a month but it can last up to a year and in some buildings this qi pattern is permanent. If the permanent qi pattern of a building includes these "Robbery Stars" in the Center portion of the structure then, if left un-remedied, the building will forever be prone to robbery. Once a building is constructed there is no way to change the permanent qi pattern without tearing it down completely and starting over with a new foundation. So you can see why it is helpful to consult with a knowledgeable feng shui practitioner on the qi patterns of places you spend time in. Being robbed is no fun and neither is the guilt of stealing but with a little Fire (usually a red light) in the right spot, you can avoid robbery altogether. To find out if you have these "Robbery Stars" in your home or business (if you have been robbed in your current residence, or are a thief, then chances are very high you do) please fill out the form for a consultation. All home and business consultations/subscriptions are currently half-price and will remain 1/2 price through December.

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